Prostate Cancer News Today Provides an Ampligen Update

We recently announced that the Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center had received FDA authorization to proceed with its Phase 2 study using our lead drug candidate Ampligen in the treatment of prostate cancer. Specifically, the study is investigating the effectiveness and safety of Ampligen and aspirin with or without Intron A compared to no drug treatments in a randomized three-arm study of patients with prostate cancer before undergoing radical prostatectomy.

In a release at the time, Hemispherx CEO Thomas K. Equels explained how this study and our other Ampligen immuno-oncology studies were key to the company’s long-term business plan.

“Now is the time for us to seek out big pharma partners who share our excitement and enthusiasm for the potential of Ampligen,” he said. “We believe that success in these trials will create the environment for that goal. Accomplishing success in R&D is based on such progress.”

Prostate cancer is expected to kill more than 375,000 people worldwide in 2020, according to the World Health Organization.

The online organization Prostate Cancer News Today recently wrote about our clinical trial. You can find their full story by leaving our website and going here.

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