If You Want to Participate in Hemispherx’s Rights Offering, Now is the Time

Stockholders, take note: The subscription period for our rights offering has begun.

If exercising subscription rights through a broker, dealer, bank or other nominee, rights holders should promptly contact their nominee and submit subscription documents and payment for the units subscribed for in accordance with the instructions and within the time period provided by such nominee. The broker, dealer, bank or other nominee may establish a deadline before March 1, 2019, by which instructions to exercise subscription rights, along with the required subscription payment, must be received.

All record holders of rights that wish to participate in the rights offering must deliver a properly completed and signed subscription rights statement, together with payment of the subscription price for both basic subscription rights and any over subscription privilege election, to the Subscription Agent, to be received before 5:00 PM Eastern Time on March 1, 2019.

Go to our Investor Relations page to learn exactly how to participate.

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